Saturday, 29 October 2016

Indian Change Makers in Australia. Don’t you think we need to get up and do more of It!!!!

Australia needs more change makers into the system and not just takers from the system. Australian-Indians can become a link between two countries and contribute significantly. The Australian Indians need to arise, look around, ask question, get themselves involved and become part of Australia’s and India’s journey as great democracies. Australian Indians can address leadership deficit in Australia.

India will grow as the third largest economy in the world by 2030.  Australia and India has good bi-lateral trade and investment relations and over the past decade it has become doubled and as the two economies grow closer the rate of growth will continue to rise.

Mr. Neville Joseph Roach AO a humble and shining example of honest Businessman, currently chairperson of large number of high profile organizations such as, Fujitsu Australia Ltd, Australia Indian Business Council and smart Internet. Previously he was the chairperson of the  Committee of Enquiry in to Temporary Business Migration, the National Multicultural Advisory Council and many more. He came to Australia in 1961 through New India Assurance, a Tata Group company Sydney at the time. According to him it was way challenging to initially adjust with new surrounding and to the new environment, the most dominant factor for his success was his extensive hard work and good luck. “The measure of a truly great man is the courtesy with which he treats lesser man.” Mr. Neville Joseph Roach is affine man of this saying.

The common personality trait among the people who have made a difference in the world is they were born rebels and the true example is Mr. Pankaj Oswal who was an Indian Businessman at one time and was Australia’s one of the richest Businessman with fortune of A$1 billion.  He was the Managing Director and Chairman of Perth based company Burrup Holdings Limited. Burrup Holdings Limited, a liquid ammonia production companies is one of the world’s largest liquid ammonia production companies. Pankaj was born and brought up in India and studied at Manipal Institute of Technology. After graduating from the prestigious institution, he worked for several of his father’s enterprises.

A heart that does not get restricted by external judgment and the one who believes in it’s own mission in life is the heart that eventually creates a legacy in the world. One name that comes to our mind is Sadhna Smiles, CEO, Harcourts Group Victoria previously GM of McGrath Estate agents, Neutral Bay, Mossman and Northbridge. Sadhana born to Fijian Indian parents has won many prizes for her contribution in the field. She has won Real change, winner of 2007 Price Water House Coopers Vic/Tas Franchise woman of the year award. She being the first woman in real estate to win this award and 2007 REIV award for service.

Blessed with two children Sadhna has achieved many milestones, her past credential includes titles such as Melbourne’s most prestigious name in RE industry, People and performance, Manager at Hocking Stuart and General Manager Real Estate Institute of Victoria. 

Inspite of achieving these big accolades, a humble Sadhana still believes that her real contribution towards the society is through a non-profitable organization she runs for Fijian woman and children, called Links Fiji.

We salute vision, mission and hardwork of some of the extremely talented Indians in Australia for their valuable contribution to merge the two cultures in to one with harmony and addressing the economic ties between India and Australia.

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