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Indian Spices and Flavors Making It’s Mark In Australia

The vibrant, extremely colorful world of Indian cuisine created an ever-increasing fan base in Australia right after Australians began to explore India during the mid of 19th century. Also due to increase in immigration, Indian food is found all across Australia and the people now have a growing gratitude for it’s many regional delicacies.
Each state of India has it’s own technique of cooking and specific taste. The North is well known for its tandoori and korma dishes; the South is popular for hot and spicy foods; the East specializes in chili curries; and in the West coconut and seafood are widely used, while the Central part of India is a combination of all. As the large number of India’s population practices Hinduism, vegetarianism is common across the continent, but Hindu food pattern also vary according to regional heritage. These varieties can now also be found in Australian Indian restaurants.

Among all the Asian cuisines loved by Australians, Indians are right after Chinese (the standard Aussie takeaway), Thai and perhaps Japanese (at least sushi for lunch).
Indian Restaurants in Australia are almost entirely generic, but you do see occasionally northern Indian or tandoori restaurants.

Indian restaurants in Australia
Indian restaurants in Australia
To put this into perspective, restaurants in Melbourne and Sydney in Australia for example lists around 230 Indian restaurants. And you would be surprised to know that the vast majority of these restaurants are owned by Indian migrants, even the chefs and wait staff are of Indian origin. Not astonishing when you consider the 106,000 Indian conceived transients in the city in 2016 .(and increasing steadily).

As stated by the India Food Services Report 2016 which was jointly released by the National Restaurant Association of India, due to an escalation in globalization, consumer perception and openness to Indian spices and taste, a rise has been noticed in Indian food service brands accessing and successfully setting up themselves on the international platform.

And the fashion of Indian cuisine achieving admiration around the world is supposed to attain momentum in the next few years, generating chances for entrepreneurs and recognized Indian based restaurant chains to inflate internationally. 

Indian cuisine is becoming more synchronous and the entrepreneurs are making adjustment in their approach in flavor and presentation to provide to an extensive consumer base in countries such as the US, UK, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand.

Indian food is considered a bit expensive for the wallet in Australia than in country as UK. 

Other than the evident reason of being extremely delicious, increase of Indian cuisine’s popularity also rests highly on the fairly large presence of the Indian population there. Recent census data discloses that Australia’s Indian population is 5, 00,000 and is noticed to have mounted up over the past six years, that makes Indians the fourth sizeable community of migrants to Australia. 

Aussie culinary taste is influenced mostly by trends set by desirable cities such as Madrid, New York, Los Angeles and London. Indian food gained popularity, not only in Australia, but the world-over is mostly due to the English’s interest and introduction of Indian dishes to the western world. The popular curry dishes which were introduced are what the world basically knows till date as Indian food; over the years, however, people have now become aware of the variety of Indian dishes and realized that Indian cuisine is about more than just curry dishes. 

One can find various Indian take-away, eateries, fast food joints, popular world famous chain of Indian restaurants like Saravanaa Bhavan in Australia.Some of the renowned high class Indian restaurants in Australia are Aki’s, Annapurna, Zaaffran in Sydney, Saffron, Flavors of India. 

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